Interior Home Painting Ideas for Wall Painting That Will Make Any Room a Work of Art

These Wall Painting Ideas Can Turn Any Space Into a Piece of Art

The best material for quick and affordable house improvements is paint. Although painting a space with solid colors might be a good way to update it, the bold patterns, striking hues, and intriguing textures in these wall painting ideas stand out. An average wall may become a magnificent piece of art with a few straightforward techniques. Here are some beautiful painting suggestions from experts in interior home painting.

Easy Patterned Wall

It’s simpler than it seems to paint a wall freehand. Start by drawing a zigzag, dot, and dash design on paper or copying one you see online. Working from an upper corner across and down the wall, dip a 1-inch angle brush into a tiny amount of paint, and start painting the pattern. Don’t worry if the spacing is off or the brushstrokes are different because the aim is a somewhat flawed design.

Buffalo Check Wall Painting Idea

You will want three complementary colors for this do-it-yourself painting method. Mark horizontal and vertical lines at 4-inch intervals to create a buffalo check pattern using a ruler and level. Then, using your lightest color, paint horizontal lines across the stripes, enclosing them with painter’s tape. Vertical lines should first be painted with your medium-tone hue, followed by the darkest paint color to fill in the intersection points of the horizontal and vertical lines.

Two-Tone Painted Wall

This wall painting design gives the appearance of architectural elements. The addition of two-toned walls gives a space depth and contrast, and doing so is far simpler than adding molding or trim. To create the appearance of color blocking, just draw your paint line with painter’s tape and a level before painting the space below.

Painted Wall Stripes

Kids’ bedrooms or playrooms are great spaces for this wall painting concept. Painter’s tape and a level are used to mark out horizontal lines that are spaced evenly apart to create a striped wall. Make sure to apply the tape inside the traced lines’ margins. After the paint has dried, take the tape off the portions that were taped. Apply a little coat of paint with a tiny paintbrush to any uneven areas as necessary.

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