Exterior Painting Service Experts Advice on Selecting Exterior Paint Colors

Selecting Exterior Paint Colors: Some Tips

Choosing paint colors for a house is not only challenging, but it can also be scary! Your home will appear bland and featureless if you select dull hues, but if you select vibrant colors, they may overpower the architecture or even irritate your neighbors. But, there are significant potential benefits. Your life can be changed by making the ideal exterior house color and trim selections. How do you discover that special color combination? Here are some strategies and suggestions from exterior painting service experts for picking your home’s color.

Think of Jazzing Up the Past

Homeowners frequently defy history in some communities. They paint using contemporary hues to highlight architectural aspects rather than historically correct ones. If your local historic commission agrees, using vivid colors on vintage architectural elements might result in surprising and interesting outcomes.

Take Cues From Nature

Color inspiration abounds in the surroundings surrounding your home. An earthy green and brown color scheme can be suggested by the abundance of trees. Using vibrant blues and turquoise or even pinkish tones in a seaside location may be suggested. A front yard garden may provide interesting color inspiration for your home depending on what blooms there during tulip season.

Take into Account the Colors of Unpainted Materials

Choose a color scheme that complements the colors that are existing on your house. Wood is wood, concrete is concrete, and stone is stone. Although most houses have certain materials with hues that are inherently lovely without any paint, experts would like to leave everything as is. While selecting colors for the pieces you will paint, bear these materials in mind.

Dramatic Darkness

While making your property appear smaller, black siding or trim will also make little features stand out more. Use darker colors and tones to emphasize details on exteriors and softer shades of tones to accent recesses. Victorian homes often have their darkest historical color combination painted on the window sashes.

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